Ok, so torch time has started. Let’s just say it’s been eventful to say the least. I am trying to get ready for the Bead Soup Blog Fest and well I want to be able to send beads that I have actually made. However, I have been fighting getting sick. I have become horse and congested and well my chest hurts. So torching should probably should be the last thing that I do but since everything else sucks the life out of me I decided to sit and torch. So here' how things went......

*Day 1- was HORRIBLE! I swear every bead was a mini disaster. Nothing turned out pretty. The beads that did come out had a bad color combination, although the rods looked like they would work nicely when they were laying there on my desk.
*Day 2-of the 12 beads I made (or attempted to make) I had 2 turn out. Yep, you heard me 2. *Day 3-(why even bother right) I was shocked but are you ready for this ALL my beads turned out. SHOCKER! I had one that had internal cracking so it was a loss but they rest were pretty good.

So clearly I just need to keep practicing but I am running out of glass quickly. I never realized how much glass it takes to make one bead. I also realized that until I master the little beads there’s no reason to try and tackle complex designs like my two favorite artists Cassie Donlen and Kerry Bogert. I need to have patience and eventually I will make BEAUTIFUL BEADS too someday (hopefully sooner rather than later)!

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