Ughh! My beads are AWFUL!!!

Well, I sat down at the torch last night. Super excited I might add. I laid out all the colors I was going to work with and felt really good about it. But man was it gut wrenching. I mean everything I tried to do failed. I only made 3 beads and they were all awful! They colors looked horrible and I couldn’t get the glass to melt very well. I just stink. It’s so frustrating because I want to be able to make those damn cute little beads! I felt like a child standing there with my arms crossed pouting so I can’t do this! Well, it didn’t help. I looked at the beads this evening and they were no better. If I don’t get any better I might as well sell it all to someone who can do it. Because at this point I need the money and well let’s face it there no reason to have a bunch of stuff taking up an entire room for nothing.


*Kel* said...

Keep the faith in yourself! We learn the most from our mistakes! You can do it! :-)

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