Let's Face It.....


Well let’s face it. I am extremely hard on myself when it comes down to evaluating if I am good or not at a task. So even though I am extremely artistic, my OCD can be detrimental to my creations. I suppose it’s because art has no limits, boundaries, or rules. The beauty in it is in the eye of the beholder. And well those eyes are mine so a lot of the times I don’t finish because it just wasn’t up to my standards for the rest of the world to see.
So when I first decide to do something I go straight in to planner mode. I will spend hours and I mean hours preparing to do a project and because I have OCD I will literally spend so many hours researching it and I end up exhausted and never even start. Or sometimes I spend months preparing to begin my new hobby and I keep telling myself that I just one or two more things and then I will be able to start. Well in theory it makes since but let’s be honest it’s a stall tactic or better yet it’s an excuse to procrastinate or never even start.
Which brings me to the point of blogging today. I signed up for the bead soup blog party and my reveal date was August 25. Which I thought was totally doable since hello it was July currently. So, I decided to check out some the blogs of other participants. I spent several hours hopping around and looking at things that the others had created. But instead of inspiring me it had me feeling a little confused as to the direction I wanted to go with my design. I love things that are modern and chic. But looking at the other designs they were more traditional and classic. So that made me panic a little. So over the next two weeks I struggled with what I wanted to do. Finally, I figured out that I should have stopped thinking about it and just started actually doing it. This is probably again an interferes of my OCD because I won’t start something until “it feels” like I am really ready to start.

So finally after all the planning this is what I came up with. It turned out nothing like I planned and I couldn't wait to post it. But on Thursday at 2am my son became very sick which lead me to dealing with breathing treatments, missing sleep, work and being exhausted. On the reveal date my son was on the breathing machine around the clock trying to get his asthma under control so the antibiotics to take care of the upper respiratory infection that was making him miserable. So after all the planning and my sick kiddo finally getting well I am able to post what I made from the Bead Soup Blog Party!


Cassie Donlen said...

Well worth the wait. So sorry to hear about your son. It's always scary when the kids are sick. Hope he is doing much better now.

Love your creations. The focal bead is awesome and I love how you hugged each side with the coiled wire. That made it look really cool and trendy. I also love how you followed the pattern on one pair of the earrings. Lots to look at. Ithey are great designs.

Anonymous said...

Love the necklace and the earrings are very cute too.