Polymer Clay Is Not My Friend #2

As for my sun exposure, I only had one color sitting on the dash and the air conditioner was on. I was impatient so it was barely even warm. As for the other 20 colors, yes I said 20, they have been stored in zip lock freezer bag in their original packaging in a storage tub. Some haven’t even been opened. I bought FIMO and there was one other brand but I can't remember off the top of my head what brand it was. They all seemed stiff when I bought them expect for a few that were soft. So maybe I was buying old clay to begin with???
I have started feeling them before I buy them to hopefully avoid buying really hard clay. Since I didn’t try working with it very long and didn’t have anything but my hands to manipulate it I figured I should put a little more effort into it since I am home and have some tools to work with and the pasta machine.

Thanks Monique I goggled tonight and found that using baby oil might work plus I have clay softener too. I figure it can’t hurt it at this point. I am going to try both of them and run it through the pasta machine and see what happens.  I will let everyone know my results. Keep your finger crossed!


A Polymer Penchant said...

I know what you mean. Over the years I've often thought of myself as more a collector of supplies than any kind of artist or whatever you would like to call it. I'm not keen on adding things into mixed clay since it opens the door to air bubbles and uneven curing. If you have a multipack then yes it may have been on the shed a while. But now I don't think you cooked it. I'd start by slicing the brick down thin, like 3mm over and over then bit by but line them up like dominoes only slightly overlapping before you put it through the pasta machine. Note - this is not the fun part of working with polymer... It's just the part you gotta get through to get to the good stuff. Don't let it turn you off :)

Tabatha D. said...

So maybe I shouldn’t throw it away then? I was trying to crush it and put softener on it and squish it all together. Like Playdough, LOL! I am way out of my league. Maybe I need an idots guide for polymer clay?